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Raw Chicken
Hunger Replenished Foodbaricon (30% chance to give food poisoning to the player)
Obtained by Killing Chickens
First Appearance Beta 1.8
Data Values Hex: 16D

Raw Chicken is a food item dropped by Chickens when killed. It has about a 30% chance to add hunger status (also called food poisoning) to the player when eaten. To avoid this, it must be cooked in a Furnace and turned into Cooked Chicken.


  • If killed by fire (including from enchanted weapons), the chicken will drop Cooked Chicken instead of Raw Chicken.
  • Raw Chicken and Rotten Flesh are the only foods that can cause food poisoning.
  • Food Poisoning can be cured by drinking Milk.
  • Raw Chicken won't cause food poisoning when eaten in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, as there is no food poisoning in that edition.

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