Raw Fish
Hunger Replenished Foodbaricon
Obtained by Fishing, Killing Guardians or Elder Guardians, or killing Fish or Dolphins
First Appearance Alpha 1.2.0
Technical Name minecraft:fish
Data Values Hex: 15D

This article is about Raw Fish. For other fish-related objects found in Minecraft, see Fish (disambiguation).

Raw Fish is a food item that can be caught from a body of water with a Fishing rod. After the Player pulls the rod from water when it is being pulled into the water, the fish is flung towards a player in a ballistic course. A more dangerous way to get raw fish is to kill Guardians or Elder Guardians. Raw fish only heals one Foodbaricon. If it is smelted in a Furnace, it becomes Cooked Fish and restore FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon. Raw fish appears to be the only food for Ocelots, since they don't eat cooked fish. However, this requires patience, because if you approach too fast, the ocelot will run away.

As of 1.13, raw fish has been turned into cod and is reskinned brown.


  • It is very easy to gather.
    • This is especially noteworthy as one may lack a constant food source in a new survival game (a fishing rod is arguably easy to acquire).
  • Gathering fish can be initially faster than waiting for wheat to grow or finding animals to kill.
  • Since fish can be caught by any body of water, one can use a bucket of water to be able to catch fish anywhere.
  • Currently raw fish is the only way to tame an ocelot into a cat, which provide a safe zone from creepers around it as it follows one.
  • Farmer villagers sometimes require cooked fish as a trade. A stockpile of fish can help keep trading with farmers for longer, allowing for more trades.
  • Guardians may drop a fish on deaths, as well as the Elder variant, but it could be any variant of fish.


  • A fishing rod requires string to make, which can be difficult to obtain early on. By the time it is easy to find, one tends to have other food sources already set up.
  • One must be present the whole time one is fishing, which can be tedious.
  • Once a wheat farm is fully established, it produces wheat far faster than one can obtain fish.