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Redstone Ore
Redstone Ore
First Appearance Alpha 1.0.1
Type of Block Solid block
Tool Used IPickaxegraphic
Data Values Hex: 49
Stackable? Yes:64
Obeys Physics?
Redstone Ore is a type of ore that is found 16 or less levels above bedrock. It drops redstone dust when mined, and it can be crafted into redstone-related mechanisms. Redstone crafted into Redstone Dust only has one other use than making electrical wires; redstone torch. If it is hit with anything, it will begin to glow and will light a small area. It is usually defined as "useless" in vanilla minecraft, but in modpacks such as Tekkit, it is more valuable than diamonds.


  • Though it is called an "ore", it is not a metal, and doesn't have to be smelted into a usable form, although it will give redstone dust if smelted in a Furnace in Creative Mode.
  • When added to the game, all Redstone-related blocks had no official name. In 1.0.4, July 9, 2010, the name Redstone was given by Notch after demands from the community.
  • One may only obtain Redstone Ore as a block through Silk Touch enchanted tools, cheats/hacks or creative mode.
    • It is best to mine the Redstone Ore instead of using Silk Touch because when smelting it, it gives one piece of Redstone, but when mined directly, it drops 1-4 pieces.
  • Lit Redstone Ore is defined as a separate block in the source code.
  • For beginner Minecraft players, Redstone Ore might be mistaken for Rubies.
  • There is a glitch, that when dug with a Silk Touch pick, a redstone ore is obtained that is unstackable. Placing and destroying with Silk Touch again fixes that glitch.
  • Redstone can essentially be determined to represent copper, but contains a more red hue in Minecraft than it is in real life. It also has a powdery texture. However, both objects take the same basic function, conducting power.
  • Redstone ore can be mined using an iron pickaxe or better. It cannot be mined with a wooden or cobblestone pickaxe. Although it can be destroyed by them, it will not yield anything.
  • Redstone is used to make many items that cannot be made with other materials because it is a good conductor of electricity. A useful thing to make on survival mode would be a compass and/or map, as it can be used to venture from your home and easily find your way back.
  • If you touch a redstone ore, it will glow.
  • Redstone Experts have found ways to use the ore as a PRESSURE PLATE.
  • Redstone ore transmits a redstone signal when walked over or hit which can be used to make underground traps if players are playing factions or on a PVP survival server.


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