This article or section contains information from Minecraft: Story Mode, a stand-alone Minecraft adventure produced by Telltale Games, in collaboration with Mojang. The content herein may not be available/accessible in other versions of Minecraft. Click here for a more-detailed article on this subject, located at Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki.
Reginald in Minecraft: Story Mode


Captain of the Guard



First appearance

"Order Up!"


Minecraft: Story Mode

Sapling inventory Come on! Grow up!

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Sapling inventory

Reginald (Also known as Reggie), is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is the captain of the guard in Sky City.


Minecraft: Story Mode

  1. Episode 5: Order Up!


Reginald first appears as a captor, when players are arrested by Isa in Cloud City. If Aiden is ignored after the sword fight, he will assist. If the player interacts with Aiden, even if they send him over the edge, Reggie will capture Aiden and imprison him. Reggie doesn't appear again after cloud city.


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