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This article is about Resource Pack. For the system used to customize assets before 1.6.1, see Texture Packs.

Resource packs are the replacement API for Texture Packs, introduced in 1.6.1. Resource packs allow players to customize textures, models, music, sounds, language files, end credits, splash texts, and fonts without modifying Minecraft's code.


Resource packs can be placed in the folder resourcepacks within the .minecraft. Each resource pack is either a sub-folder or a .zip file within the folder. After it is in the folder, a resource pack can be added from the options menu, where resource packs can be moved between "Available resource packs" and "Selected resource packs". "Selected resource packs" will also contain the default assets on the bottom, which cannot be removed.

Resource packs will load their assets based off the order of the packs list. The bottom-most pack (which is always "Default") will load first.

Default resource packs

Resource packs can be bundled with a map by saving it as a .zip file named resources. When playing the world, that resource pack will appear as the default right above the default resource pack.

In, a default resource pack can be set on a server by adding a link to a .zip file download after the line resource-pack. Users can still opt out of using the resource pack or choose not to download it however.

Console Edition

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Pocket Edition

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