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What you get if you were to smelt Ruby Ore.

Ruby was originally going to be in Minecraft 1.3 version, the same time as Emerald, but was later removed and replaced with Emerald by the developers of the game. Most new players might think Redstone is Ruby when they first find it, as Redstone is red, just like Ruby. Armor and tools were also going to be in the game along with rubies.


  • Ruby was supposed to look like an Emerald but more Circular.
  • Ruby ore was supposed to look exactly like Emerald Ore but red, so it wouldn't get confused with Redstone (Ore).
  • Like the Quiver and Skis, Ruby still exists in the Minecraft folder.
  • In Minecraft 1.3 there were rumours that Ruby was still found near Bedrock, but there was no proof about such findings.
  • Ruby was changed to emerald because Dinnerbone is red-green colorblind, so it was changed at the last minute.
  • Ruby was originally supposed to be more powerful than Diamond and it was going to have armor and weapons. However it's replacement doesn't even have neither armor or tools.


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