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This article is about salmon, which can be caught in bodies of water. For a list of all types of fish, see Fish (disambiguation).

Cooked Salmon
Hunger Replenished HungerHungerHunger
Obtained by Fishing, Killing Guardians and Elder Guardians
Cookable? Yes (Raw Salmon)
Stackable? Yes (64)
First Appearance Minecraft 1.7
Data Values Hex: 15E

Salmon is a type of fish, added to Minecraft as part of 1.7 - The Update That Changed The World. There are two variations of salmon: raw and cooked.


The most common way of obtaining raw salmon, like any other fish, is through Fishing. The chance of one being caught can be increased with the 'Lure' enchantment.

Raw salmon can also be obtained from guardians, as a rare drop. Bonus Chests sometimes have salmon, also.


Raw salmon can be cooked in a Furnace to obtain "Cooked Salmon", which restores 6 hunger points when eaten.

When holding a raw salmon, Ocelots will follow the Player. Ocelots can also be tamed by feeding them raw salmon.


  • When caught, Salmon are shown facing to the right when in the player's inventory. Interestingly, Cooked Salmon faces the opposite direction, to the left.

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