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First Appearance Classic Pre 0.0.11a
Beta 1.5
Type of Block Non-Solid Blocks; Plant
Stackable? Yes (Max 64)
Tool Used None
Data Values Hex: 06
Obeys Physics?

Saplings are an important resource that allows trees to be grown to replace those cut down by players in search of wood.


The saplings come in 4 types: oak, birch, spruce (also known as pine or evergreen), and jungle (redwood).

  • Oak is chestnut and has green leaves. The leaf color of these trees is biome-dependent.
  • Birch is white with black spots and has emerald leaves.
  • Spruce is dark brown with dark green leaves.
  • Jungle trees have a cocoa color to it and it has bright green leaves. The leaf color of these trees is biome-dependent. When 4 jungle saplings are placed in a square and you uese bone meal on it it makes a thick jungle tree found in jungle biomes.

Dead bushes may look like saplings, but it is withered and will not grow, even when adjacent to water.


Saplings can be planted on any Dirt or Grass block, and will grow into a new tree if they are exposed to a light level of at least 9 in the block above the sapling, and have at least a certain number of empty blocks, depending on sapling type, above the sapling itself. Normal saplings need a 1x6x1 area, birch saplings need a 5x7x5 area, and pine saplings need a 7x10x7 area. Jungle saplings need either a 5x7x5 area for normal sized trees, and at least a 10x30x10 area for the huge variant.


Saplings are dropped with a random chance when leaves wither, or are destroyed by the player in survival mode. The withering behavior of leaves is explained in detail in the Leaves article. There are various saplings for each tree type as of Beta 1.5. Most tree canopies will drop at least one sapling block, though they may drop more, and large tree canopies should drop several if completely denuded.


Aside from being able to grow into new trees, saplings have only one other use; saplings can be used in your Furnace as fuel. It does not last long enough to smelt an item, but two will last long enough to smelt one item.


  • If the player stands on the same block as a placed Sapling as it grows into a tree, wood blocks will grow on top of them, causing suffocation (this can be prevented if the player quickly quites the map and then re-opens it: they will then spawn on top of the tree).
  • It is possible to plant a sapling anywhere, provided dirt or grass is available.
  • The sapling requires 6 blocks above it in order to grow, either from Bone Meal or after some time.
  • It is possible to count Mushrooms as saplings as in mushroom biomes, Mushroom can grow into huge mushrooms.
  • The Dead Bush is a retextured version of the oak sapling.
  • Saplings will not grow on their own in The Nether.
  • Saplings can be grown on farmland, but will not grow.
  • Jungle trees can be grown into a 2x2 tree if you plant the saplings 2x2. Same thing to dark oak trees.


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