A Savanna from the air


On foot, or by other usual means of travel


Spider, Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Witch, Enderman, Rabbit, Cow, Horse, Pig

Environmental Features:

Either flat, or very hilly terrain, dry Grass, Acacia Trees


Village, Stronghold, Dungeon

Sapling inventory Come on! Grow up!

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Sapling inventory

A Savanna is a Biome which is warmer than most biomes, but not quite as hot as a Desert.


A savanna typically consists of large expanses of dry grassy areas, dotted with acacia Trees. The acacia trees are somewhat unique compared to other trees, as their trunks can grow diagonally. There are two variations of this biome: one is relatively flat, the other can be extremely hilly. These biomes typically border Mesa or desert biomes because of their similar warm temperatures. A savanna is one of the few biomes where Horses and Llamas may be found in the wild.


  • Since this biome tends to border desert biomes, a player can use a nearby savanna biome, when applicable, to obtain the wood and saplings they need if they spawn in a desert biome.