The Seecret Friday Updates were created without announcing the update taking on the title of this page. The secret updates were from the Alpha and the Indev periods of the game. There were 9 seecret Friday updates and then only 1 Seecret Saturday update.

Update Version Date Features Added
Seecret Friday Update 1 [1] Infdev June 18, 2010
  • Fixed falling out of the bottom of the map (It now kills anyone who enters)
  • Tweaked the sky rendering
  • +Big secret!
  • +Smaller secret!
Seecret Friday Update 2 [2] Infdev June 25, 2010
Seecret Friday Update 3 [3] Alpha July 3, 2010
Seecret Friday Update 4 [4] Alpha July 9, 2010
  • Red ore officially given the name Redstone
  • Animated title screen
  • Winter maps, featuring:
    • Snowfall
    • Exposed land covered in a thin Snow sheet
    • Exposed water turns to Ice
  • Sitting animation added for riding minecarts and pigs
  • Minecart skin reverted
  • -The bug in the mob spawn code is fixed
  • -Breaking a Minecart while in it will no longer freeze the game
  • -If a player rides a minecart and goes into a two block high space, no more suffocation damage is dealt.
Seecret Friday Update 5 [5] Alpha July 16, 2010
  • Boats added
  • Cacti added, players are hurt while breaking them, and standing on top of them.
  • Large trees
  • Items can now be seen being held in third person.
  • Animals only spawn on grass
  • Snowballs stack up to 16
  • Thrown snowballs don't disappear
  • Snow blocks only take 4 snowballs instead of 9
  • Leaves don't disappear
  • Fixed snow falling through snow blocks.
Seecret Friday Update 6 [6] Alpha July 23, 2010
Seecret Friday Update 7 [7] Alpha July 30, 2010
Seecret Friday Update 8 [8] Alpha August 20, 2010
  • Fences added
  • Working day/night cycle in multiplayer
  • Chickens, Slimes and Pigs added in multiplayer
  • Milk buckets can be emptied
  • Skeletons can ride Spiders (Spider Jockeys)
  • Third person view is centered again
  • Right clicking on usable blocks makes the arm swing to match the third person animation for right clicking.
  • Chickens no longer take fall damage and now slowly glide down using their wings.
Seecret Friday Update 9 [9] Alpha September 10, 2010
  • Compass added
  • Server side inventory added
  • Server saves players' locations when they leave
  • Experimental switch to turn on monsters in SMP
  • Bucket of lava can be used for 100 smelts
  • Clay is more common when a world is generated
  • Sheep now drop between 1–3 blocks of wool when sheared instead of always dropping 2
Seecret Saturday 1 [10] Alpha September 17, 2010
  • Sneaking added
  • New Paintings added
  • Ability to change mouse sensitivity added
  • Sliders to change volume of sound and music added
  • Fishing Rod added
  • Option to toggle FPS/debugging has been replaced with the F3 key. F3 + S reloads all web-loaded resources
  • Smoother day-to-night and night-to-day transitions
Seecret Saturday 1 (Fix) [11] Alpha September 18, 2010
  • Attempted fix of the bugs added in Seecret Saturday Update 1


  1. Secret Friday Update 1
  2. Secret Friday Update 2
  3. Secret Friday Update 3
  4. Secret Friday Update 4
  5. Secret Friday Update 5
  6. Secret Friday Update 6
  7. Secret Friday Update 7
  8. Secret Friday Update 8
  9. Secret Friday Update 9
  10. Secret Saturday 1
  11. Secret Saturday 1 (Fix)

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