Shears Item
Type Tool
Uses Cutting leaves, shearing sheep
Data Values Hex: 167
Technical Name minecraft:shears


Shears are a tool used for obtaining Wool, Ferns, Tall grass, Mushrooms (from a Mooshroom), Leaves, Vines, All flowers from 1.7.2, and Cobwebs, which will drop String. One can also use a Sword, though. If it is enchanted with Silk Touch, it will drop the actual cobweb.

To obtain Wool, the player must right-click on a sheep with the shears and the sheep will drop 2–4 blocks of its corresponding shade of Wool. It won't damage the sheep, but it will change the sheep's texture to give it a sheared look. One cannot harvest wool from a sheared sheep until it turns a Grass Block into a dirt block (and grows back its Wool). Its appearance will change back to normal when the wool has grown back.

To collect other materials with shears, though, one must left-click the object.

Shears are strong and will last for a long time. It can obtain leaves as a regular block, instead of completely destroying it, and Vines that will act as Ladders instead of building those, allowing one to preserve one's resources for more valuable products.


None None None
Iron Ingot
None None
Iron Ingot

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