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A shelter (in the background) made of Glass, Oak Wood Planks, Oak Wood Stairs, Oak Wood Slab, and Spruce Wood.


A well built-up shelter.

Houses are a vital aspect in the success of a player in Minecraft. It offers not only protection from hostile mobs, but a place in which to conduct most (or even all) of any necessary operations, such as Crafting, Smelting, and Enchanting.


Houses can be built into cliffs, underground, in the sky, or even underwater (However, due to long building time and complexity, this is not recommended for beginners).

Building Materials

The material from which a house is built is largely up to the player, although a tough, incombustible substance is strongly recommended. Stone or Cobblestone is ideal. Wood, while aesthetically pleasing, is susceptible to Fire.
2013-11-28 11.25.22

A 9 story house


A house should have no holes in it and should be well lit to prevent Mobs from spawning inside. It is recommended (but in not essential) to make the ceiling no more than 2 blocks high, so that Endermen cannot teleport inside, possibly taking a block from your home. A bed is a necessity as well, because it not only resets the spawn point after use, but also speeds the passage of nighttime. A house should always have Trapdoors and/or ordinary Doors, which should always be kept shut so as to prevent monsters from accessing your house. It is recommended to have more than one exit, should your door be broken down by zombies on Hard difficulty.

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