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Mt8Fzk0 (2)
Health Points 30 HP (15x Heart)
Attack Strength 2HP (1x Heart)
Drops 5 experience
Spawn Spawns in End Cities


Shulkers (Shell Lurkers) are hostile mobs a player can encounter, as of the 1.9 Combat Update. They appear only in End City.


  • AWhen Player gets close to the Shulker, its shell will then unscrew, revealing the shulker. When it attacks, a white bullet will follow the player. Being hit by the Shulker will give the player a 10-second levitation effect and will do a little bit of damage. This effect is very useful, as it allows the player to fly up the End City if he/she keeps getting hit. However, if the effect runs out on the player when he/she is in mid-flight, he/she can sustain heavy fall damage.
  • Shulkers can also teleport when at low health, or when pushed by a piston into another block.The teleport works up to around 5-10 blocks away.
  • When they die, they have a 50% chance of dropping a Shulker Shell, as of 1.11 release.These can be used to craft a Shulker box.


The best way to combat a shulker is to just punch, or shoot the projectiles that it fires. You cannot fire arrows at it when it's shell is shut, as they bounce off harmlessly, possibly recoiling back to you. So destroy the projectiles and go for a bow first outside of a building, and just kill it with your sword if you have a ceiling overhead.


  • It is not strange that they can teleport much like Enderman can, the only other Mob who has such an ability, as they are both related to the end.
  • Players can stand the Shulker mob, just like a solid block.
  • Shulker is a combination of two words, "Shell", and "Lurker".
  • Strangely, Shulkers attack players in peaceful mode.
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