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Skin packs are available in the Console Editions and Pocket Edition of Minecraft as purchasable content. They are collections of multiple skins for the player, usually grouped into specific categories.

Console Edition


Default Skin Pack

Skin Pack 1

Skin Pack 2

Skin Pack 3

Skin Pack 4

Skin Pack 5

Skin Pack 6


Summer of Arcade Promotional Skin Pack

Halloween Skin Pack

Festive Skin Pack

Battle & Beasts Skin Pack

Minecraft 1st Birthday Skin Pack

Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack

Marvel Spider-Man Skin Pack

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Skin Pack

Marvel Avengers Skin Pack

Doctor Who Skin Pack Volume I

Star Wars Classic Skin Pack

Doctor Who Skin Pack Volume II

Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack

The Simpsons Skin Pack

Minecon 2015 Skin Pack

Star Wars Prequels Skin Pack

Pocket Edition

City Folk Skin Pack

Town Folk Skin Pack

Halloween Costumes Skin Pack

Biome Settlers Pack 1 Skin Pack

Holiday Skin Pack 2015

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