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First Appearance Survival Test 0.26 (October 22, 2009; Dirt Slabs (immediately removed), Stone Slabs/Double Slabs)
Beta 1.3 (Sandstone, Oak, Cobblestone Slabs/Double Slabs)
Beta 1.8 (Brick, Stone Brick Slabs/Double Slabs)
1.5(Birch, Jungle and Spruce)
1.7(Acacia and Dark Oak)
1.8(Red Sandstone)
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used Any but Wooden:Wpickaxe
Wooden:Axe Graphic
Data Values Hex: Stone:
Single Slab: 2C
Double Slab: 2B
Single Slab: 7E
Double Slab: 7D
Single Slab: 44
Double Slab: 43
Single Slab: 126
Double Slab: 125
Obeys Physics?
Transparency Single Slab:
Double Slab:
Slabs are blocks that allow the Player to go up (when moving) in elevation without having to jump, similar to stairs. They are half the height of normal blocks. They are not as compact as stairs, requiring twice the horizontal space for an equivalent change in elevation.


Stone and Sandstone slabs can be found naturally in NPC Villages inside some of the buildings where they form counters. They are also found in Strongholds where they are used in some of the stairs, ledges, and torch pillars.


Slab x6 (Possible materials are
Stone Brick
Nether Brick
None None None
None None None
Material Material Material


  • Stone slabs were introduced to the game on October 24, 2009, in Survival Test 0.26.
  • Sandstone, Wood, and Cobblestone slabs were added in the Beta 1.3 update on February 22, 2011.
  • Stone Brick and Brick slabs were added in the Beta 1.8 update on September 15, 2011.
  • Red Sandstone slabs were added in Minecraft 1.8 update (Snapshot 14w32a, August 6, 2014).


  • Due to the slab's high blast resistance, a creeper or TNT block blowing up on a slab will do very little damage to nearby blocks and will do little to no damage to nearby entities, including the player. Therefore, if a player were to make their home of slabs, creeper and TNT explosions would be much less of a catastrophe.
  • Despite the fact that sneaking lowers the player's eye level of 1.5 blocks, doing so does not allow the player to walk over a single slab with one block of air above it because of the player's true height.
  • A player can not walk from a block of Soul Sand to a slab without jumping (as Soul Sand is 15/16 the size of a regular block).
  • Single slabs have the tendency to let through arrows shot from above.
  • Single slabs will destroy gravel and sand blocks that fall onto them, the same as torches.
  • Back in the beta version, Notch made a test on Dirt Slabs. These were never added in the game.
  • Unless Water is flowing directly down on a Slab, a slab will block flow regardless of its space above it.
  • Before 1.3.2 Wooden Slabs' ID was a variant of Stone Slabs', so you needed a pickaxe to break wooden slabs. However, this still occurs on the Pocket Edition.
  • If one slab is placed on top of another, those two slabs will turn into a full block.
  • If two wood slabs are together it takes longer to break it with an axe (Recommend the pickaxe instead its better).
  • You can hop in a minecart between 2 slabs.
  • You can't mix a a placed slab with a another variant, it will just go on top of it.
  • In the Joke Update Minecraft 2.0, a new slab known as the Etho Slab was added. The name was most likely a reference to a youtuber named EthosLab. This slab version of TNT would have a larger blast and if a player is close enough, will spawn an anvil above them. However, due to being a 2.0 feature, this is not in-game currently.
  • In snapshot 14w17a, when you place two Stone Slabs on each other, it will look like a full block.
    • This made a glitch, where two Stone Brick Slabs placed on each other would have the new double Stone Slab texture.
    • Also, this feature got later removed, leaving the double stone slab with it's original texture.

Removed Slabs

Dirt Slabs

Before stone slabs, Notch tested out dirt slabs or tiles, however, they were never implemented into the game and were only mentioned. Dirt slabs did not grow grass. Notch mentioned Dirt "Tiles" on tumblr.comDirt slabs were the result of digging dirt with a Spade. There is a way to get the dirt slab though. You can get the dirt slab, along with other items that aren't in Minecraft. You can get it using a mod. The mod, though, is hard to find.


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