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For the Nether variant, see Magma Cube.
Health Points: Big:
16HP (8x Heart)

4HP (2x Heart)

1HP (0.5x Heart)

Attack Strength: Big:
4HP (2x Heart)

2HP (1x Heart)

Cannot damage players or mobs

Drops: (0-2) Slimeballs
Location: In 10% of chunks called "Slime Chunks" below level 40, or in swamps
First Appearance: Alpha 1.2.0
Network ID: 55
Savegame ID: slime
Experience Points:
Big: 4
Small: 2
Tiny: 1

[view][talk] Slimes are rare Mobs that naturally spawn in 3 different sizes: Big, Small, and Tiny, and split into smaller Slimes when killed. They can be found in only specific Swamp Biomes, as a rare mob deep underground, or in Superflat worlds. Big and Small Slimes are both hostile, and split into 2–4 Small and Tiny Slimes, respectively. Tiny Slimes are passive, and are popular pets among minecraft fans, because they will follow the player around, and do not require taming, but they can Despawn unless they have a Name Tag.


  • Before Minecraft 1.4.2, Slimes could spawn in any biome.
  • As of 1.5, Slimes' spawn rate is determined by the movement of the Moon.
  • 1.8 recently fixed the fact that Slimes couldn't swim.
  • Smaller slimes can climb Ladders.
  • Tiny Slimes are considered passive because of their inability to attack, push, or harm the player in any way; however, they are technically hostile.
  • Only sizes 1, 2 and 4 spawn naturally. Other sizes require commands giving a different Size tag.
  • A slime's health in HP is the square of their size; their edge length in meters, half of their size; and their attack strength in HP, their size.
  • Slimes, unlike all other hostile mobs in the game, won't prevent sleeping.
  • Slimes used to have an old texture.They had black eyes and mouth instead of transparent green looking eyes and mouth.
  • Slimes are the only mobs that hit per half-second, as opposed to per second.
  • Slimes used to have old sounds. Those sounds were not as "squishy".
  • In Minecraft Beta, Slimes could spawn in Peaceful difficulty and they will still attack the player.
  • If Slimes are attacked by Skeleton Arrows, then they will ignore the skeleton. This does not happen with the other mobs.


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