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2011-11-26 14.50.25
Smelting also known as cooking, baking, burning, or producing is the main method to "smelt". An action using a furnace where the player converts ore or another block into something else by heating it with fuel. For example, one Stick/Saplings smelts 0.5 blocks, Wood/Wood Planks smelts 1.5 blocks, Coal/Charcoal smelts 8 blocks, Block of Coal smelt 80 blocks, and Lava Buckets smelt 100 blocks.

Fuel types and smelt times

Fuel Burning Time Amount required to burn a stack (64)
Coal 80 seconds 8
Charcoal 80 seconds 8
Wood 15 seconds 43
Wooden Planks 15 seconds 43
Wooden Slabs 7.5 seconds 96
Saplings 5 seconds 128
Tools and Weapons 10 seconds 64
Wooden Pressure Plates 15 seconds 43
Sticks 5 seconds 128
Fence 15 seconds 43
Wooden Stairs 15 seconds 43
Trapdoor 15 seconds 43
Crafting Table 15 seconds 43
Bookshelf 15 seconds 43
Chest 15 seconds 43
Jukebox 15 seconds 43
Note Block 15 seconds 43
Blaze Rod 120 seconds 5
Lava Bucket 1,000 seconds Less than 1

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