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A player in iron boots sneaking

A player can activate sneak mode by pressing Left Shift (default) in Minecraft PC, pushing down on the right joystick in Console Editions, or by "double-tapping" the center button in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (as of update v0.12.1).


Sneaking helps accomplish a lot of things, such as walking on ledges without falling, preventing a player from falling off of blocks if stopped partway up a Ladder, etc. It can also be used to prevent a player's username from being visible through blocks. However, when viewed up close, others can still see the username.

There are some negatives to sneaking. It causes a player to move 1.3 m/s, much slower than the normal 4.3 m/s. As mentioned above, walking near ledges without falling can only be done with sneaking, but it is still possible to step off a block onto an adjacent surface only half a block lower, such as from a block to a slab, or down some stairs. Sneaking also affects a player's reach distance.


  • By using F5, viewing oneself in 2nd or 3rd person view will display a player as bent-over.
  • Sleeping in a Bed while sneaking will allow a player to sleep, but they will be barely visible.
  • Sneaking was added in one of the Secret Updates.
  • When it was originally added, a player could still fall off ledges while sneaking.
  • It is still possible to fall off a ledge by moving to the edge of a block and jumping off of it.
  • Sneaking darkens a player's nametag in Multiplayer mode.
  • Sneaking while blocking on Soul Sand that is on top of Ice, through a Cobweb with the Slowness II Status Effect is the slowest form of movement a player can achieve, at 1 block every 42 seconds.