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Spawn Egg
Spawn Eggs
The different Spawn Eggs
Type Item
First Appearance Snapshot 11w49a (49th week of 2011)
Data Values Hex: 17F


"You know what would be fun? If every animal in Minecraft came from eggs."

- Notch

Spawn Eggs are an Item only obtainable in Creative Mode (but can be transferred to Survival Mode from Creative Mode), and hold the qualities of spawning a certain Mob, depending on the Spawn Egg used. Hostile Mobs will not spawn from Spawn Eggs if the difficulty level is set to Peaceful. All the Spawn Eggs are available in all versions of Minecraft, including the Pocket Edition starting with Update 0.9.0.

The Mobs that cannot be spawned with Spawn Eggs are Spider Jockeys, Ender Dragons, Giants, Snow Golems, Iron GolemsWithers, Tamed Wolves, and Zombie Villagers. Though the Spider Jockey cannot be directly spawned, there is a very small chance a Spider Spawn Egg will actually spawn one. If a Spawn Egg is named via an Anvil, the name of the Spawn Egg will be transferred onto that Mob and will be displayed in a similar manner to that of a player's tag. In versions before 1.5, Mobs could not be named. Eggs are actually two textures, one being a blank egg and the other being spots, which are on top of the blank egg. Both textures are white but have a special type of coding.some of the mobs like pumpkin snowman, etc don't spawn from eggs

Unlike other objects, when a Spawn Egg is placed into a Dispenser and then activated, it will summon the Mob based on the egg inside of it.

A Spawn Eggs ID is 383 and can be obtained using the "/give" command, but this will only give the player "spawn(a white egg with white spots that cannot be used)". In the PC edition Spawn eggs can be obtained in creative by middle clicking a mob, while in the PS3 editon, they can be obtained from the creative mode interface.

List of Spawn Eggs

Image Mob Spawned
Ocelot Spawn Egg Ocelot
Mooshroom Spawn Egg Mooshroom
Skeleton Spawn Egg Skeleton
Creeper Spawn Egg Creeper
Slime Spawn Egg Slime
Zombie Spawn Egg Zombie
Spider Spawn Egg Spider
Chicken Spawn Egg Chicken
Cave Spider Spawn Egg Cave Spider
Cow Spawn Egg Cow
Sheep spawn egg Sheep
Pig spawn egg Pig
Zombie Pigman spawn egg Zombie Pigman
Villager spawn egg Villager
Blaze spawn egg Blaze
Magma Cube spawn egg Magma Cube
Enderman spawn egg Enderman
Bat spawn egg Bat
Witch spawn egg Witch
Ghast spawn egg Ghast
Horse spawn egg Horse
Wolf spawn egg Wolf
 ??? Guardian
 ??? Rabbit


  • Whenever a passive adult Mob is right clicked while holding a Spawn Egg of the same animal type, it will produce a baby version for any Mob that has one, excluding Squids and Bats.
    • In Minecraft 1.4.4, whenever a baby version of a Villager is spawned, it would always produce a farmer villager child. This was fixed.
    • Wolves, when bred by this method, will produce pups that are sitting by default. This can cause a glitch to where the pups move while sitting if the player exits and re-enters the game.
  • By using the command /give [Player] 383 [1-64] 200, the target player will obtain a Ender Crystal Spawn egg however, it will not spawn anything when used.
  • As of 1.5 the player can rename eggs, and when killed by that Mob, the game would say "[Player] was Killed by [Name of Mob]" (E.g. Notch was Killed by Herobrine).
  • In 1.6.1, a discoverable coded feature was added: If a Mob's Spawn Egg is renamed with an Anvil or Name Tag, and is called "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm", it will be flipped upside-down. Any upside-down mobs will have right-side-up effects on them (e.g. a Zombie named Dinnerbone burning will be upside down, but the fire on it will be right-side-up).
  • If the player uses a Skeleton Spawn Egg in The Nether, it has a 75% chance of spawning as a Wither Skeleton.
  • If the player fills their inventory with Spawn Eggs and then switch the world to Survival, they will be able to use the Spawn Eggs.
  • Some people think Spawn Eggs should be craftable, such as making a Spawn Pig Egg by surrounding an Egg with 8 porkchops or a Spawn Enderman Egg by surrounding an Egg with 8 Ender Pearls or Eyes of Ender.
  • Sometimes, when a Zombie Spawn Egg is used, it will spawn a Zombie villager, although this is not common.
  • Naming a sheep spawn egg "jeb_" will cause the Sheep's wool to be rainbow colored in 1.7

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