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Spider Jockey
150px-Spider Jockey
Health Points: Skeleton:
20HP (10x Heart)

16HP (8x Heart)

Attack Strength: Contact:
3HP (1.5x Heart)
Drops: Bones, String, Bow, Arrows, Spider Eye, Armor (if equipped)
Location: Light level of 7 or less, anywhere, but slabs or glass

[view][talk] A Spider Jockey is a rare hostile mob. When this mob spawns, there is a very rare chance (1%) that a skeleton will spawn with it on a spider's back. This can be a very deadly combination, as spiders move very fast and can climb walls, and skeletons can shoot from far range. This mob is treated as two mobs, so when one dies, the other survives. If you are beneath the spider, the skeleton will shoot the spider instead of the player. In creative mode, a spider spawn egg has 1% chance of spawning a spider with a Wither Skeleton riding it instead of a normal skeleton, but this is only the case in the Nether. Skeletons will spawn if a Spider spawn egg is used in the Overworld. Once you kill the Skeleton, it is then a normal Spider. Also, unlike a normal skeleton, if it shoots and kills a Creeper, the Creeper won't drop a music disc.


  • When it's raining, the spider will become neutral because it is light enough, yet the skeleton will not burn because it is dark enough.
  • Tamed wolves will attack the mob the player hits first, so if fighting with wolves, it is recommended to hit the spider, as wolves might not be able to reach the skeleton if that is their target.
  • They are a fairly glitchy mob, as the skeleton can shoot the spider while it is jumping.
  • Sometimes, when you quit the game and open the save file again, the skeleton will leave the spider.
  • There is a possibility of having a Wither Skeleton Spider Jockey. However, it's very rare.
  • If a Spider Jockey is named Dinnerbone or Grumm, only the Skeleton will be upside down.
  • The Spider will often climb under tight spaces, suffocating the Skeleton.


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