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Spruce Wood is the wood Block that is obtained from Spruce trees, which are only found in Taigas and Spruce forests. The trees leaves are also darkest, making the tree resemble that of a pine tree or as the name implies, a spruce tree.
Spruce wood


It has the darkest shading of all Wood Blocks, and gives dark brown Wood Planks. The spruce tree has no branches that grow on it, and the pattern of leaves are never more than three blocks high. The leaves of the tree spawn naturally in "rings" usually separated with one block's space. The max rings of leaves a spruce tree can spawn with is three, making it look like three canopies of leaves. Spruce trees can grow as tall as 9 blocks, making them taller than the oak and birch tree counterparts. Because of this height, harvesting them is a minor annoyance as the player can many times not reach all of the block on the tree trunk without building a Ladder or block pillar.


A Spruce Tree planted next to a basic Oak Tree


Like all the other different types of wood, it can be placed in a crafting table to craft spruce Wood Planks, which can be used for a variety of different things. Some players prefer to use spruce wood to decorate their houses.

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