Stained Glass Pane
Stained glass pane
A yellow stained glass pane
Type Block
First Appearance Minecraft 1.7
Data Values Hex: ?
Technical Name minecraft:stained_glass_pane


Stained Glass Pane is a variant to the standard Glass Pane. Rather than just being the normal transparent color, Stained Glass Panes feature all of the dye colors, so that a player can choose their colors out of the dye colors. They also change the color of beacons; because an individual pane is thinner than a beacon beam, it can change the color without it being seen.

It can be crafted the same way as the regular glass pane, but it uses Stained Glass instead.


  • Panes are smaller than regular blocks, so it is possible to make a dropped item on the block the pane is on.

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