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Hunger Replenished FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon
Obtained by Cooking Raw Beef, dropped by Cows killed by Fire or Lava.

Steak is a food item obtained by cooking raw beef, which is dropped by Cows. It restores FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon (4 hunger points). When a cow dies from heat damage from Fire or Lava, they will automatically drop steak instead of raw beef.

It's highly advised to use steak as a primary source of food, as the raw material is easily harvested, restores the second-highest amount hunger points out of any easily obtainable, stackable food, and it provides the highest food saturation. 


  • The old texture for Steak was originally used for the Cooked Porkchop.

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