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Health Points: 20
Attack Strength: Easy: 1-5,

Medium: 2, Hard: 2-5

Drops: Bone, Arrow (including Arrows of Slowness), Bow
Location: Cold Biomes, i.e. Ice Plains, Taiga etc.
First Appearance: 16w20a
Experience Points: 5-7

[view][talk] A Stray is a new mob added in Patch 1.10.


The Stray is one of the three new mobs (the Husk and the Polar Bear are the other two) added in patch 1.10, also known as the Frostburn Update. This mob is Biome-specific. It is a variation of a Skeleton that wears torn clothing. Its behavior is also similar to a Skeleton.

It is one of the biome mob variants, the other one being a Husk, which often spawns in the desert instead of Zombies.

It's easiest killed with a diamond sword, or with a bow and arrow, like the Skeleton.


When the Stray hits a player with an arrow, it will inflict Slowness temporarily. This means that the Stray uses Arrows of Slowness. It will only inflict Slowness I, which means it may be easy to get away from it if the player wishes to do so, and if they're not already cornered.


The Stray will only spawn in colder biomes, like the Taiga or Ice Plains. In these biomes, strays have an 80% chance of spawning instead of a Skeleton when spawned directly under the sky.



  • Despite using Arrows of Slowness, the Stray is not immune to Arrows of Slowness being used on it.
  • Some people believe the Stray's torn clothing is torn dyed leather armour


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