Structure Block
First Appearance 1.9
Type of Block Solid, Functional
Tool Used None
Data Values Hex: FF
Technical Name minecraft:structure_block
Blast Resistance 18,000,000
Obeys Physics
2015-09-16 21.06.22

Structure blocks are blocks that are used to create, copy, and replicate structures.


Introduced in update 1.9, structure blocks are only obtainable using the /setblock command. They are un-mineable and have the same blast resistance as Bedrock. Their greater purpose was revealed in update 1.10: these blocks save builds, and paste them anywhere else. They also became obtainable with /give.

Structue blocks also use a block called a Structure Void: if a structure void block is saved into a structure, when said structure is loaded, it will not overwrite the blocks previously there, unlike all other saved blocks. For example, a 1×1×2 structure that has a structure void on top and an air block on bottom that is loaded into dirt terrain will make an air block on bottom but preserve the dirt on top.


There are four types of structure blocks: Save, Load, Corner, and Data. Save saves the blocks highlighted with the corner blocks, or as specified in the GUI. Load loads the copied blocks, or "pastes" it. The structure must have dimensions of 32 blocks or less. Two corner blocks with the same name identify the opposite corners of the area to be copied. Data allows a mob, chest, etc. to placed at the time of the structure's generation. The structure block can be activated with it is GUI or by Redstone.



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