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Super Secret Settings is a setting that was introduced and has been tested since the 1.7.2 update. In the options screen there is a button labeled "Super Secret Settings". When clicked, it will switch between different shader effects. Some shaders can be accessed by going into Spectator Mode (/gamemode 3) and taking the viewpoint of a mob. Shaders can be disabled by either going into third-person mode or by cycling through the Super Secret Settings button until the game returns to normal.

As of 1.9 (snapshot 15w31a), the button and the shaders have been removed for "an internal rewrite".

This setting can crash in slower computers and/or potentially slow down the game severely. In addition, computers that do not support OpenGL 2.1 will not be able to use the Super Secret Settings button, as GLSL (OpenGL's shader language) was introduced in OpenGL 2.



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