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For the game mode itself, see Survival (Game Mode).

This page is for the casual player who wants a nice simple outline of what steps must be taken to thrive. There will not be in depth information on "completing" the game of Minecraft on here as there is already a much more in depth explanation and plan on the original page. Again this is for the  player whom just wants to know how to get started and use Minecraft to pass the time.

Survival Mode is a game mode where the player must survive by building and altering the terrain to fulfill your needs all the while keeping an eye on the ever present Health Bar and Hunger Bar, depending on what difficulty you choose to play in the danger of either one depleting to life-threatening levels arises. The objective of the game is to survive and armed with only your right hand it will be difficult to do so for much time without acquiring necessary resources. The ideal progression of actions is as follows:

  • When you start your game, you will spawn in a random point in your world. This is your spawn point, and it is where you will end up in when you die. Try to remember the coordinates and location by pressing F3.
  • Next, you must head towards the nearest tree and gather wood, which you do by clicking and holding the left button on the mouse while your cursor is on a wood block until it breaks and drops the block. If there are no trees in your area, walk towards one direction until you see one.
  • Craft the wood into wooden planks by dragging the wooden blocks in your inventory (E) onto any place in the 2 by 2 crafting grid.
  • From there create a Crafting Table by placing one wooden plank in each place in the crafting grid and dragging and dropping the table that appears to the right of the arrow into your inventory.
  • From there you can begin to use the rest of your wooden planks to create other items by using the upgraded 3 by 3 crafting grid that appears when rightclicking on the crafting table. It is recommended to find some sheep as soon as possible to create a bed.
  • Once you have a crafting table you can start to make tools as well as many other items which will allow you to gather resources and reshape the terrain as you see fit through mining, customization and ingenuity. First craft a wooden pick axe, use it to mine some stone, then use the cobblestone to make stone tools. And remember to gather any stray coal you come across.
  • Depending on your difficulty setting the amount of hostile Mobs and how fast you are affected by Hunger increase. This meaning that for any difficulty above peaceful you will have a greater urgency to procure a source of food and a sword and armor for protection from mobs spawned at night or any dark areas.
  • Your shelter for your first night will be simple. Many players prefer building pillars, digging a hole in a mountain, or simply by digging down. Whatever you choose to do, always remember to illuminate your shelter with torches so that no mobs can spawn in your shelter. It is highly not recommended to venture off in the night, especially on your first night.
  • You can kill certain mobs that spawn during the day to gather food items they drop, which can be cooked in a furnace (another indispensable item to have).

From here on it is up to you what you do. You can explore the world and build amazing structures. You can keep to one central point and create a self-sufficient little haven. You can even try your luck at going through the whole game to its "end". You decide what you make of this near infinite world.


How to survive your first day - Minecraft (for plebs)09:26

How to survive your first day - Minecraft (for plebs)


  • Unlike Creative Mode in this mode you can take damage from a variety of things such as Mobs, falling to your death, drowning/ suffocating, starvation, and being burned. You cannot fly in Survival Mode and unlike Creative Mode, you cannot break blocks with one hit and you can gain objects.

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