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Survival Test
Survival Test 2
A cliff view of a Survival Test world.
Starting Version 0.24 (1st of September, 2009)
Current Version 0.30 (10th of November, 2009)
Price No
Website (Link removed)


Survival Test is a past game mode that was the second one of its kind after Classic. As the name suggests, this version was to test out the Minecraft Survival Mode. Survival Test is much different compared to what Minecraft is today. Pigs and Sheep would drop Mushrooms which was the only food item at the time. Players could find Red Mushrooms, but these hurt the player when eaten. This version also had a point system where each mob awarded different amounts of points. In this version, Iron Ore dropped Iron Blocks, Creepers did melee damage, Gold Ore dropped Gold Blocks, and Coal Ore dropped Slabs. Creepers also exploded when they were killed. When a player destroys a block of Wood, it would drop 3-5 Wooden Planks in this version as well.

Differences from Minecraft Classic

  • There was a health bar.
  • There was food.
  • 7 new mobs are added: Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Pigs, Sheep, and Giants.
  • Humans reappeared since their removal in Classic 0.28.
  • When a player died, they must load a saved world or generate a fresh one.
  • Players could drown.
  • Lava could kill the player.
  • The player would start with 10 TNT and Arrows.
  • Skeleton Arrows were purple (only in Survival Test).
  • Sheep could eat Grass.
  • Players could see their hand.
  • New Tools were added.
  • Game modes were added.

Survival Test Trivia

  • Giants were added in the last Survival Test version, but they never were officially implemented because they were overpowered.
  • Creepers were added in 0.24, when Notch modeled the Pig incorrectly.
  • Pigs were added in 0.24_05, but the Pigs were cross-eyed when they were first added.
  • 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST is when Dirt slabs were introduced. They were removed because they messed up the terrain.

    Pigs in 0.24_05.

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