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This is the inside of a Witches' Hut.

A Swamp house (better known as the Witch Hut) is a naturally occuring structure that can be found in swamp biomes as of the 1.4 pre-release. Witches can be found around these houses, as these are usually the only witch spawn places on a map. The houses are usually on stilts made of Spruce Wood. Inside, they contain a crafting table and a Cauldron; usually there is a Red Mushroom in a Flower Pot in one of the windows.  These are great living spaces if you have the ability to fix it up a little bit.  They keep you protected from mobs as well as keep you close to the water.  All you have to do is build a door and put some glass in the windows if you want, and you have the perfect living space for the minecrafter that loves to have a beautiful house, and a beautiful view, but is ok with it being small because you should be out working all day. They also make good temporary houses if you are out hunting.

Witch houses contain Potted Mushrooms. Due to a glitch, those mushrooms can rarely spawn on the floor of the house, and even on the crafting table. Witch houses are 2 blocks high, which is fine for a Witch, but it causes their hats to be inside the roof. Witch houses contain a furnace, crafting table, potted mushrooms and are extremely hard to get up. Sometimes vines from a nearby tree will grow up a leg and onto the front so you can get up, but you usually have to build a ladder to get up.

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A swamp house

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