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This is the inside of a Witches' Hut.
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A Swamp house (better known as the Witch Hut) is a naturally occuring structure that can be found in swamp biomes as of the 1.4 pre-release. Witches can be found around these houses, as these are usually the only witch spawn places on a map. The houses are usually on stilts made of Oak Wood. Inside, they contain a crafting table and a Cauldron; usually there is a Red Mushroom in a Flower Pot in one of the windows.  These are great living spaces if you have the ability to fix it up a little bit.  They keep you protected from mobs as well as keep you close to the water.  All you have to do is build a door and put some glass in the windows if you want, and you have the perfect living space for the minecrafter that loves to have a beautiful house, and a beautiful view, but is ok with it being small because he/she is out working all day. They also make good temporary houses if you are out hunting.

Witch houses contain Potted Mushrooms. Due to a glitch, those mushrooms can rarely spawn on the floor of the house, and even on the crafting table. Witch houses are 2 blocks high, which is fine for a Witch, but it causes their hats to be inside the roof. Witch houses contain a furnace, crafting table, potted mushrooms and are extremely hard to get up. Sometimes vines from a nearby tree will grow up a leg and onto the front so you can get up, but you usually have to build a ladder to get up.

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A swamp house
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