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A Taiga is a type of overworld biome, i.e. a forest of Spruce Trees covered in snow. No other tree types are found in a Taiga. Water will also freeze in a taiga biome, creating large amounts of ice. Taiga hills are another technical biome that can rarely occur in Taigas. Taigas have snowfall instead of rain. Snow does not appear under trees; instead, it appears on the trees' leaves.


Snowy weather in a Taiga

Screen Shot 2012-08-03 at 3.22.15 PM

Overlooking a Taiga from a high hill


  • Taigas will also have occasional snow weather, as Tundras do.
  • All water bodies in a Taiga will have Ice Blocks at the surface.
  • Taigas are the only source of Spruce Wood (without Creative Mode or mods), which has the darkest shading.
  • Taigas can commonly be located beside Mountain Biomes and Forest Biomes.
  • Wolves can be found in Taigas. 

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