Updated Taiga
The 1.7.2 Taiga biome

Accessible by:

Walking or any other means of travel


Wolves, Chickens, Cows, Sheep, Creepers, Endermen, Witches, Skeletons, Spiders, and Zombies

Environmental Features:

Ferns, Spruce Trees

Generated Structures:

Strongholds and Villages

The Taiga is a type of biome that can be found in Minecraft. It usually consists of a spruce tree forest. Before update 1.7.2, the taiga had snow on the ground; however, this changed in update 1.7.2 to where the taiga would no longer have snow on the ground. The Cold Taiga Biome was added in update 1.7.2, and it looked like the taiga before this update occurred. Wolves can naturally spawn in this biome, and ferns can also be found in the taiga as well. Spruce trees grow naturally here, which makes the taiga one of the very few biomes to include spruce trees. The taiga has no tree types besides spruce trees.

There are also 2 other types of taiga: The cold taiga, and the redwood forest (mega taiga).