Tall Grass
Tall Grass
First Appearance Beta 1.6
Type of Block Non-solid; Plant
Tool Used Shearsgraphic
Data Values Hex: 1F
Technical Name minecraft:tallgrass
Obeys Physics
Flammable Blaze Powder
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Tall Grass (also called Grass) spawns on grass blocks in certain biomes. Bonemeal can be used on a grass block to grow tall grass and occasionally flowers on it and in its vicinity. Bonemeal can also be used to obtain a two block tall grass. Since Beta 1.6, the only way to legitimately obtain seeds is to destroy tall grass blocks or harvest fully-grown wheat crops.

There are two other variations of tall grass: ferns and shrubs. Ferns can spawn in jungle and mega taiga biomes. Like grass, they also have a two block tall version that can be made by using bonemeal on the fern. Shrubs share the dead bush's texture, but still drop seeds despite this appearance. They cannot be obtained in normal gameplay outside of using commands. They do not have a two block tall version.


Harvesting grass or ferns is the primary way of obtaining wheat seeds. The secondary way is by harvesting wheat.


  • Tall grass cannot be directly set on fire by lightning; however, fire from nearby blocks can spread to it. Oddly enough, the top of tall grass can be lit, but it will not burn this way.
  • When touched by water, tall grass will break with the possibility of dropping seeds. A quick way to gather seeds is to route water to the top of a grass-covered hill and let it flow down.
  • The color of tall grass is biome dependent and is usually the same color as the grass.
  • Sometimes, grass can spawn on sand but any block updates will cause it to break.
  • Grass can be collected with shears.