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Ocelot taming

Ocelot Taming

is the process of turning a wild animal into a domestic one by using a specific method to make it befriend the player. There are a few wild animal species which can be tamed:


A wolf will turn into a tamed wolf (sometimes referred to as a dog) when given several
. A tamed wolf will have black eyes, opposed to the red-eyed aggressive wolves. A tamed wolf will also have a red collar around its neck, which can be dyed a different color by using the dye of the player's choice on the wolf itself. A tamed wolf will show its health with the position of its tail, the more elevated the tail, the greater the health. It will attack any mob that its owner attacks, acting as the player's side-kick. However, it won't attack creepers, and it can't enter The Nether.


An ocelot can be tamed by coaxing it toward the player with
Raw Fish
, and then feeding it several Raw Fish. This will turn the ocelot into a cat. It is important that the player tries to stand as still as possible while attempting to feed a wild ocelot, as they can scare away the ocelot very easily. Too much movement, and it will run away. The resulting cat that the ocelot transforms into will be one of three random breeds: tabby, tuxedo, or siamese. Tamed cats will follow the player, but will also wander around and explore their immediate surroundings. Cats are useful to have as Creeper-deterrents, as creepers do not like to go near them.

Horses, Donkeys and Mules

To tame a Horse, Donkey, or Mule, a player must attempt to ride the Horse several times until it no longer bucks them off and hearts float up. Afterwards, the player is able to ride the animal until it either Despawns or Dies. However, it can only be controlled when it is wearing a saddle.

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