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The End
The End

Accessible by:

End Portal


Enderman, Shulker, Ender Dragon

Environmental Features:

End Stone islands scattered across a black void


Obsidian pillars, End City, End Ship

The End is an alternate dimension that was introduced in the Beta 1.9 pre-releases. The End, also known as the "Enderrealm" to some players, is inhabited by Endermen, Shulkers, and an Ender Dragon.

Getting to The End

To gain access to the End, a player must first locate a rare End Portal, which leads to this realm. Due to the large scale of a Minecraft world, end portals are nearly impossible to stumble upon by chance, as they are located in a randomly-generated Stronghold deep underground. To find an end portal, a player needs to acquire and use one or more
Eye of Ender
. This is a craftable item, created by combining
Blaze Powder
and an
Ender Pearl
. The end portal can be located by throwing an Eye of Ender into the air (by right-clicking while holding the item), which will send it flying through the air and other Blocks until it eventually falls down. The player needs to follow the eye of Ender, picking it up and throwing it several times before he/she ends up in the stronghold which holds the end portal. Note that it will most likely take multiple throws to get close enough to a Stronghold that the Eye of Ender begins to float down through the floor. Be sparing in your use of this item, as it has a 1/5 chance to shatter, and it is tedious to obtain the necessary items to craft more. Use each throw to get the general direction in which to go, and travel a fair distance before using another.

Once a player finds the End Portal within the stronghold, he/she must repair it with several more Eyes of Ender. Activating the End Portal requires 12 Eyes of Ender, though there is a possibility of finding some within chests in the Stronghold. It is best to be prepared with a surplus before you journey forth. The 12 eyes of ender must be placed in the sockets surrounding the end portal. Once all 12 are in place, it will become active. By jumping into the portal, the player will be teleported to The End in a similar fashion as when being teleported to The Nether. The portal has a 3D particle effect, the same as when you enter the Nether.

End Portal Gallery


The end consists of several large islands within a black void. There is plenty of Obsidian, End Stone and special blocks known as Ender Crystals which heal the Ender Dragon.

Inner End

As soon as the player enters The End, a long purple bar (health) can be seen on top of the screen. This indicates the health of the present Ender dragon (unless the player has already killed it previously). The player will spawn in a small room underground surrounded by End Stone.

Across The End, there are tall pillars, made of obsidian, scattered around. These pillars have Ender Crystals on top that will regenerate the Enderdragon's health when it is near them. These crystals can be destroyed by hitting them once. However, because they explode upon being destroyed, it is advised to use a Bow, though they can also be destroyed by a thrown egg.

After defeating the Ender dragon, a portal will spawn directly under the spot where it was killed. Stepping through the portal will trigger the end credits, give the player the "The End." achievement and return the player to the Overworld. Before defeating the Enderdragon, it is impossible to return to the Overworld without dying. That being said, it is most advisable to create a few Ender Chests in which you can store items, and then access from either the Overworld or from The End, to avoid losing any important items while destroying the healing crystals.

Outer End

In The Combat Update, a new area of The End was made accessible to players. To get to the new region of the End, a player must first kill the Ender Dragon and step through an End Gateway, which teleports them to this area, or build a bridge to the islands. However, this isn't a viable option as the gap is around 1000 blocks long. The Outer End consists of a number of large islands with Chorus Plants, as well as End City.



  • The portal appearing after defeating the Ender Dragon can be destroyed in creative mode, but the only way to get back to the normal world if the portal is shattered is to kill yourself.
  • If a Bed is placed in The End and is right-clicked on, it will explode in a fashion similar to as it would in The Nether.
  • The same as The Nether, if you have a clock, the dial on the clock will move to day to night rapidly while there.
  • Above the portal to The Dream and Credits, is an Ender Dragon egg. Clicking on the egg will teleport to another area. The only way to get it is by making a platform and using a Piston and triggering it or find it in the new area (5-10 blocks away) and put a torch under it (can be underground).
  • It is impossible to make a Nether portal in the End, nor is it possible to make an End portal in the Nether.
  • The portal back to overworld is surrounded by Bedrock but in overworld, the portal is surrounded with End Portal Frames.
  • If you have a potion of Night-Vision, in the End, It will look really freakishly pink.
  • Via cheat codes, it's possible to spawn Ghasts in The End. However, for unknown reasons, they will automatically attack the Enderdragon, making it look like an ally for the player, like Snow Golems and Iron Golem.
  • If an End Portal is built in The End through the use of Creative Mode, it will lead to the end credits, similarly to the portal spawned upon defeating the Ender Dragon.

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