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Tools are items, normally used to speed up the progress of mining, breaking blocks, or farming. However, each tool has a different use.

Different tools

There are currently 6 different tools:

Each of these tools can be created using Sticks, and either Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots or Diamonds, with the exception of shears which uses 2 iron ingots alone. Tools can be repaired on an Anvil using Experience and the material used (not the sticks).


  • It is worth noting that some blocks, such as Obsidian, require a specific type of tool (in this case a Diamond pickaxe) to break in order to get the broken block in the inventory.
  • If you put one tool next to the same tool the tool that appears is an upgraded tool.
  • If you use a tool for a different use than intended, it will lower the durability by 2 points instead of one.


For your weapons, tools and armour, do you use...

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