Totem of Undying
Totem of Undying
Type Raw Material
Uses Preventing the player from dying
Dropped by Evokers
First Appearance Minecraft 1.11
Technical Name minecraft:totem_of_undying


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Sapling inventory

A Totem of Undying is an item added in Minecraft update 1.11. They are always dropped by Evokers when they die, but because evokers do not respawn, they are not a renewable resource.


If the totem is equipped in either of a player's hands when they receive what would normally be fatal damage, the totem will allow the player to stay alive instead, leaving them 9px-Half Heart.svg of health. Any negative Status Effects are also removed from the player when the totem activates, and they are given 5 seconds of Absorption II and 40 seconds of Regeneration II.


  • A Totem of Undying cannot always prevent the player from dying. For example, if a player gets blown up by a big group of TNT, due to the explosion delay, the TNT can kill a player right after the Totem of Undying is used.
    • Another way for this to happen is if a player was in lava and they died, then when the totem was used, they would still be in the lava and die of burning again.

      The totem of undying in use.

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