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Traps are mechanisms used to trap or harm players, mobs, or items without the use of traditional weapons. Traps are often constructed with Redstone Circuits, some being quite elaborate, and others being as basic as a pressure plate on top of a piston.

Trap Variants

Fall-based traps

Many traps use fall damage to harm or kill mobs or players. These traps are often constructed so that the target falls and goes down to half a heart, allowing for a single hit kill, keeping experience and item drops. It is worth noting that Chickens, Cats and Ocelots cannot be hurt with these traps.

Lava/Fire-based traps

Traps also often utilize Lava or Fire damage. This has the advantage of cooking meat drops and is also often more vertically compact. These traps can burn items that are dropped, if not done properly. Mobs from the Nether cannot be farmed with these.

Suffocation-based traps

Traps may also use blocks of water suffocation based traps. These traps are often very compact and do not risk burning items like lava or fire.

Creeper Traps

Traps primarily based on defeating Creeper mobs.

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