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Sapling inventory Come on! Grow up!

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Trees are naturally generated structures that can be found naturally or grown from saplings. They can be found in grassland, swamp, jungle, taiga, plains, and savanna biomes.


One of the styles of a pine tree.

There are 6 forms of trees to date: oak, birch, pine, jungle, dark oak, and acacia. Oak and birch trees come in a variety of sizes, and jungle and pine trees do even more so. Thick jungle trees are often naturally found, being made by 4 saplings in a square shape. Oaks can grow tall, but not as tall as jungle trees. Birch trees appear as the same as small oak variants, with different wood. Pine and Jungle trees may also grow this way. Trees are naturally composed of wood blocks and leaves.

Tree Type


Your typical, everyday tree. It crafts into some nice planks for you. These trees are arguably the most common and as a bonus are the simplest to farm.

There are multiple forms of oak trees:

  • Small Oak. Small oak trees are anywhere from three to five blocks high in the trunk, surrounded with leaves. Standing at the base of the tree, the player will always be able to chop all of the blocks down standing on the ground, without having to make any pillars to jump up on.
  • Large Oak. A big version of the small oak with large branches, giving the ability to hold more leaves. Their main trunk can be as small as seven, and as tall as ten, not including branches. Many "branch" logs are found in the leaves not connected to the trunk at all. These tree are considered the most "difficult" to harvest because of the jumping and pillar making usually involved.
  • Swamp Tree. An oak tree with vines covering it. It also only grows in water. It is impossible to place saplings in water to make them grow and the saplings of this tree grow into either one of the above forms.
  • Oak Bush. This has only one block of wood and the rest are leaves most of which touch the ground. The saplings from this tree grow into only the top two trees.


Similar to the oak, but rarer. The wood it gives crafts into some bright wood planks, which show some otherwise almost unnoticeable brick-like markings. These trees have leaves very similar to oak trees. They canlso be found in Birch Tree Biomes.


This tree comes in 4 different appearences:

  • Pine. See image at top.
  • Spruce. A  long trunk with a sort of circle of leaves on top. Perfect for spider-proof treehouses..
  • Tall Pine. A bigger version of normal pines. The wood from this tree crafts into dark chocolate-brown Wood Planks which occur naturally in swamp huts. Due to the color of the wood planks the wood planks would look great in the ruins of a haunted house.


These are probably the tallest natural tree in Minecraft. Jungle Wood crafts into some red-tinged wood planks.

Dark Oak

Trees that spawn near the Plains biome. These trees have 2x2 bases and can be as high as 16 blocks high. An excellent source of wood, should one need large amounts. Dark oak wood can be crafted into dark wood planks, which have a dark brown tint. These trees can only be grown by placing 4 Dark oak saplings in a 2x2 pattern.


Trees that spawn in the Savanna biome. These trees have a reddish-grey outside and a red inside. When crafted into planks, the result is light red planks.


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