Type Weapon, Mob Drop
Uses Melee or range fighting
Dropped by Drowneds
First Appearance 1.13 (Snapshot 18w07a)
Data Values Hex: ?
Technical Name minecraft:trident


Tridents are weapons that were added in update 1.13 phase 1.

Tridents are the first weapon in Minecraft to have two methods of dealing damage to other mobs and players. They can be used either as a regular swinging weapon or as a throw-able weapon. To throw the trident, one must hold down the second mouse button, which will display a charging animation similar to the bow's animation. When the button is released, the trident will be thrown, with its speed conducive upon the amount that it was charged beforehand. Unless the trident has the loyalty enchantment, they must be collected after they are thrown in order to be used again.

Tridents are similar to bows in the sense that they are thrown relatively the same distance as an arrow is shot, but their main advantage is that they aren't slowed down by traveling through water, hence why they were added in the Update Aquatic.

The trident will have 4 enchantments that are new to 1.13, as well as exclusive to the trident itself.

The available enchantments are:

  • Loyalty (causes the trident to come back to the player upon impact)
  • Impaling (deals more damage to aquatic mobs when hit)
  • Riptide (thrusts the player forward when thrown in water/rain, cannot be applied alongside channeling)
  • Channeling (strikes lightning on a mob if hit, cannot be applied alongside riptide)



  • When returning to the player (only possible if it has loyalty) from a long distance, the trident appears to have a rope or chain of some kind connecting it to the player.
  • An unenchanted Trident deals 8 attack damage compared to a Diamond Sword, which deals only 7 damage.
  • On bedrock edition, before the full release when turning on the experemental gameplay, the trident when aiming it would be floating in the air above the user's head.