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A Tundra biome.
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The Tundra biome is a rare biome, a blend between the Plains and Taiga biomes, being snowy and nearly devoid of any peaceful mobs.


The tundra is a near-inhospitable biome, having very few sources for wood. What available wood there is comes from the miniscule trees that can be very uncommon. Tundras are also devoid of any grass, making wheat farming a struggle without having a steady supply of bonemeal to create grass.

Any water found in the tundra biome is frozen into ice, causing large ice caps that can spread out over the ocean for quite a vast distance. It is also to be noted that caverns seemingly generate less than other biomes, however, it is not uncommon to find above-ground entraces to small spaces or a single inter-linking cavern.

As of 1.7, spikes of packed ice may generate here, sometimes reaching up to 100 blocks tall.

Towers of packed ice forest
Packed Ice Spires and Spikes spawning.
Spawnwillow14Added by Spawnwillow14


Tundra biomes are nearly devoid of peaceful mob life, having the occasional cow, sheep, pig, or chicken. This can make obtaining food and other necessities difficult. Despite this, hostile mobs still spawn at a basic rate, although in smaller groups and more scattered. Because snow is white, it creates a great contrast between the ground and mobs, making it easier to spot hostile and peaceful mobs alike from a farther distance.

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