Hi It's Corey! This is my second blog and I found this dog walking around in my game luckily I had 4 bones wit me I did because I love to kill mobs :D I tamed him. So I brought him home and I decided to keep his collar red because he was my first dog in this world. I decided to bring up a name for him I could not think of any names like at all. So You guys can decide! The dog name I like most is the name of the new dog and I will say the winner in my next blog or in a few blogs or something XD. Yeah sorry I was kind of late with this blog. I was thinking in 4 or 5 blogs from now I am going to build a dog assult course it is like obstacles and stuff because I will have a lot of dogs then I will hold a porkchop in my hand and bring them through the course. The Dog that gets the worst time loses. I will keep doing this over and over and 1 dog will be the fastest dog and be the new leader of the pack :D I will tell you about all the dogs in the blogs and do the assult course on July 17, 2014. I will be releasing blogs until then I am not sure how many blogs it is away until I do that though. Well my new blog should be out later I am doing 2 or 3 today because I am so behind well see you later Bye!

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