"Beat The Heat"

Lucky:Welcome to another episode Of The Dog Adventures! Yes a random dog does the intro every time. Anyway, Today it is 107 degrees outside I am joined by the other dogs.

All except Lucky: UHhhhh.

Lucky: I know it is very hott UGHGHGHGH(G!

Bengy: I am going to turn on all 5 of the fans *turns on fans*

Neon: Better

Panda: Ahh

Apollo: Today we are making a rodeo thing LOL. So we make a piston and a deer and you are in a bot on a block and the block goes up slowly but gets faster as it goes the dogs will be doing the levers for the piston a random dog will be chosen to do it and you can go up to 5 minutes max :D So next video the dog that wins gets extra porkchops! The game is called Rodero

Neon: Ahh yeah!

Snowy: Ok lets get building!

Spazi: YEAH!

Sherbet: Let's Get out and finish I think it is colling down though.

-At Rodero-

Apollo: Who is good at restone?

Hershey: I am the restoner out of the group :D!

Apollo: OK so. Hershey does restone, Bengy, Apex, Panda, Neon, and Lucky do stuff like fences and scenery inside! Me, and Hero will be building a deer! and Snowy, Spazi, Sherbet, and Duncan! You guys just help with the deer and maybe add some signs and stuff! Now Let's GO!

Hershey: *does redstone* Someone Test The Lever!

Panda: *test* It Works :D Nice work hershey!

Hershey: Thanks :D

Panda: :D

Neon and Apex: *placing fences*

Bengy and Lucky: *placing clouds and a sun out of wool* It is summer so....

Panda: *Adds awesowe fake fireworks*

Bengy: Wow! :D!

Panda: Yeah lol!

Bengy: Lol!

Hero: *makes head*

Apollo: *makes antlers*

Hero and Apollo: *make main body*

Apollo: *makes tail*

Hero: *makes neck*

Apollo: *makes legs*

Apollo: Were done!

Hero: Awesome nice work!

Apollo: You too!

Bengy: Oh So hot!

Duncan: Lets  Beat The Heat!

All: LOL OK!

Neon: I think we are done!

Apollo: Let's go play are machine game but every round is a lightning round! Winner gets a extra porkchop tonight loser has to sing in front of all the other dogs!

All: Its ON!

-At The Machine-

Apollo: So here we go Now!

-Picks Spazi and Lucky-

Spazi and Lucky: :X

-Picks yes for Spazi Picks Yes for Lucky-

Spazi: Yes!

Lucky: I know!

-Picks Panda and Hero-

Panda: Oh...

Hero: :O

-Picks Yes For Panda and No for Hero-

Hero: Ahh I got to do something embarrising crap well good luck guys!

All except Hero: Bye!

Hero: *sits in loser booth* I am lonely :/ I will wait...

-Picks Snowy and Bengy-

Both: :O

-Picks Yes For Snowy and Yes for Bengy-

Both: :D

-Picks Spazi and Duncan-

Duncan: :/

-Picks NO for Spazi and a NO for Duncan-

Duncan: Lol we were both in the finale last time so yeah good luck!

Spazi: Yeah I won but bye!

Everyone but Spazi and Duncan: Bye!

Spazi and Duncan: *Sits in loser booth* Hey Hero!

Hero: Hi!

Apollo: Were doing it!

Bengy: I am hungry for porkchops!


-Picks Panda and Apollo-

Apollo: Why did I jinx it? :/

-Picks NO for Panda and Apollo-

Both: WOW!

Apollo and Panda : Good Luck!

All: BYE!

Apollo and Panda: *sit in loser booth* Hi guys!

All in loser booth except Apollo and Panda: Hi!

-Picks Sherbet and Snowy-

Both: OH NO!

-Picks NO for sherbet and Yes for Snowy-

Sherbet: Aww well good luck final 6!

Final 6: Bye!

Sherbet: *sits in looser booth*

All except Sherbet: Hi!

Sherbet: HI!

-Picks Lucky and Snowy-

Lucky:Oh no!

Snowy: I know :/

-Picks a No for Lucky and a yes for Snowy!-

Lucky: Aww well bye!

Final 5: Bye!

Lucky: Hi guys!

Bengy: Final 5! :D

Neon: Yes!

Panda: I know!

Apex: WE have not won yet though.

Snowy: Were close its getting likely to pick me now!

Apex: I know lol!

-Picks Apex and Hershey-

Hershey: Oh crap!

-Picks Yes for Apex and NO for Hershey-

Hershey: 5th not bad Bye final 4!

Final Four: BYE!

Bengy: Yes final four!

Apex: I know!

Neon: Yes!

Snowy: I know!

-Picks Neon and Bengy-

Both: :X

-Picks No for Neon and No for Bengy-

Both: AWW!

Both: Bye Finalists!

Apex and Snowy: :D :D Who will win?

-Picks Apex and Snowy-

Apex and Snowy: ...

Apollo: And the winner is...

-Picks No For Apex and Yes for snowy-

Apex: Congratz!

-all rush down-

Snowy: Yay :D Extra porkchops!

All: Nice lets go home!

Bengy: *looks at camera* Well there you have it Episode 3 is over We will see you next time!

All: Bye!!!!!!!!!

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