It's All Luck

Apollo: Welcome to The Dog Adventures -walks out to balconey- This is another video In are world! I am being joined by all the other dogs!

All except Apollo: HI!

Apollo: Time to play The Machine it is a game we made last time! It's Simple a dog is chosen randomly and it will say yes or no Yes means you are safe No means you are eliminated so the ones that wins a Huge cake too themselves we bought it for 50 bucks!

-at the game-

Bengy: I want me some of that cake!

Hero: Me too!

Lucky: Lol we all do.

Neon, Snowy, Spazi, Sherbert, Duncan, and Hershey: Yeah!

Apex: Lol

Apollo: We start now!

-picks Neon-

Neon: *gulp*

-picks Yes-

Neon: Alright!

-picks Neon-

Neon: XD

Bengy: XD

-picks yes-

Neon: Ok good.

-picks Bengy-

Bengy: :X

-Picks No-

Bengy: Aww D:

All except Bengy: Sorry!

-picks Snowy-

Snowy: Oh...

-Picks Yes-


Lucky: Your safe... For now LOL

Apex: Lol

Sherbert: I know!

-Picks Lucky-

Lucky: o-o

-Picks Yes-

Lucky: Aww Yeah

-Picks Panda-

Panda: Oh Crap...

-Picks Yes-

Panda: :D

-Picks Snowy-

-Picks Yes-

Snowy:XD lots of yesses

-Picks Neon-

Neon: Again?

-Picks Yes-


-Picks Hershey-

Hershey: Oh.

-Picks Yes-

Hershey: Yes!

-Picks Hero-

Hero: Oh No!

-Picks Yes-

Hero: Wow!

Apollo: There will be no soon I guess it is rare.

-Picks Duncan-

Duncan: Oh um Ok...

-Picks Yes-

Duncan: YAy!

-Picks Snowy-

Snowy: :o

-Picks Yes-

Snowy: YES!

-Picks Apex-

Apex: :P

-Picks No-

Apex: D: Well good luck guys!

All But Bengy and Apex: Bye!

Apex: *sits in loser booth*

Bengy: Hi Apex!

Apex: Hi Bengy!

-Picks Snowy-

Snowy: Lol again?

Sherbet: I know...

-Picks No-

Snowy: No cake for me :P Well good luck!

All: Bye!

Snowy: *gets in loser booth* Hi Guys!

Bengy and Apex: Hi

Snowy: I like it alot in here!

Apollo:9 of us left :p

Duncan: I know it is getting interesting!

-Picks Lucky-

Lucky: Tough Luck. :L

-Picks Yes-

Lucky: Yes!

-Picks Duncan-

Duncan: Oh Crap.

-Picks Yes-

Duncan: Yay!

-Picks Lightning Round-

Apollo: Oh no the lightning round it picks two dogs. :P

-Picks Lucky and Panda-

Lucky and Panda: Uh...

-Picks No For Lucky PIcks No For Panda-

All: Wow Bye guys!

Lucky and Panda: Hi all!

Bengy Apex and Snowy: Hi.

-Picks Hero-

Hero: :L

-Picks Yes-

Hero: Woo!

-Picks Sherbet-

Sherbet: :p

-Picks No-

Sherbet: Aww Bye and good luck!

Final 6: Bye!

Apollo: We made it halfway! So Final 6 are Apollo, Duncan, Hershey, Hero, Neon, and Spazi!

Duncan: Yay! I think I might win this!

Apollo: I know!

Spazi: I hear you!

-Picks Duncan-

Duncan: Oh Crap!

-Picks Yes-

Duncan: Ahh ok I was worried I want that cake :D.

Hero: Lol I know!

-Picks Apollo-

Apollo: Oh... :l

-Picks No-

Apollo: Oh well I did good bye final 5 *sits in loser booth*

All in loser booth except Apollo: Hi!

Apollo: Hi

Hero: Were in the final 5 :D

Hershey: YES!

Duncan: I know!

-Picks Hershey-

Hershey: I came far so I hope...

-Picks NO-

Hershey: AWW! *sits in loser booth*

People In looser booth: Hi!

Hero: Final 4!

Duncan: Yes!

Spazi and Neon: Woohoo!

-Picks Hero-

Hero: :X

-Picks NO-

Hero; Nuts Good luck Final 3!

Hero: *sits in booth* Hi!

IN Booth: Hello Hero!

Duncan; Final 3! I wonder if I go to the finale!

Neon And Spazi: Idk.

-Picks Neon-

Neon: D:

Spazi and Duncan: :D

-PIcks No-

Spazi: Aww *sits in loser booth* Finale Time!

In Loser Booth: Yup!

Duncan: FINALE!

Spazi: WE DID IT :D

-Picks Duncan-

Duncan: :X:X::X:X:

Spazi: Plz be NO

-Picks No-

Duncan: Congrats!

Spazi: YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

All come down: :D

Apollo: Here Is the Cake * Hands over* Here have fun!

Spazi: You know we can share it lets put it in the kitchen when we get home!

-starts walking home-

Spazi: Cannot believe I won!

Duncan: Second is good!

Hero: I made it to the final 4!

Bengy: I got last :(

Sherbet: Yeah It's all luck!

Bengy: The Machine hated me LOL

All: *laugh*

-gets home-

Apollo: Congrats Spazi!

Spazi: Lets all eat a slice!

-They all get a slice-

Apollo: Well That is it thanks to my dog friends for being in the fun game :D Bye!

All except Apollo: Bye!!!!

CoreyCakeMan: I hope you guys enjoyed and by the way I used a actual random genarator so yeah it was all random :D Well Bye!

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