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  • AntluntiumHarry

    Hello ladies and gents! Today i will proudly announce that I will be opening my MC Realm and make it into a cube fan server that i will be uploading to YouTube!

    Wanna join? I got (at moment of writing) 19 slots open for Players. COPYnPASTE The sing up form down below and awnser the Q's. Hopefully you can join :)

    Minecraft Username:


    Speciality (Building etc.):

    Favorite Cube Member:

    How long youve been watching cube:



    Skype (not needed):

    RECORDING TO YOUTUBE? (Not needed):

    YT Link:

    Gender (Im trying to have a even amount):

    Promise to not greif:

    Promise to play NICE pranks:

    Promise to be Nice to EVERYONE:

    Birthday (Not needed):


    Minecraft Username: harry7033

    Shortname: Harry

    Speciality: Building

    Fav. Cube member: Parker_Games

    How lā€¦

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