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    Diary of Minecraft

    January 1, 2016 by AphmauLOVEfan

    Day 1 of Luciper's diary: t was a normal day. I was bored, yawning, burying my face on the bed.... I wanted to do something fun. The party hosted by Lucy was a week ago. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FUN!!! Ah, whatever. I'm going to head over to Lucy's. 


    Day 1 of Lucy's diary: My first diary! Hi. What am I doing, "talking" to a diary. 

    I'm back, and Luciper's here! She says she's bored. Might as well bring you too to the mining party. I love hosting parties! I'm going to go ask LUCAS to come. (:"} Hey! Don't judge, diary! Whatever. At least I can "talk" to a paper. 

    Back, and yes! I hosted every one of my friends! :D 

    Ttyl, diary. 

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