• I live in Your Mind
  • My occupation is My j0b
  • I am Lord Sirius
  • BEN3

    I am holding a competition. It concerns this wiki, and a few others. A complete list will be put up later. Those who wish to join please tell me by tomorrow (July 16th).

    • No cheating.
    • No Game Genie, Action Replay, SaveAnywhere, or Gameshark.
    • There are three days time to complete each game.
    • The games are all online to play for free. No purcahse necesary. One optional game must be downloaded this is the only exception.
    • If nobody completes the game by the end of the period, nobody wins.
    • The winner will be crowned King of Games.
    • Each game is selected by me. Suggestions are welcomed.
    • You must provide a screenshot of said game in order to win that competition.
    • The winner will also recieve an amazing piece of art. I'd love to send it to the winner irl, but…

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