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  • I live in Dwór Czarnecki
  • My occupation is The Chaplain And Officer Of The Second Squadron Of The 1st Polish Light Cavalry Regiment Of The Imperial Guard
  • I am Polish
  • BartoszC

    Minecraft is better than Roblox, some people can agree with that, and some cannot. I'm going to write down the Pros and Cons of both Minecraft and Roblox. NOTE: Please do not take offense.

    • A great building game.
    • You can add modifications.
    • You can change languages.
    • Great community.
    • Great updates.
    • You can survive or create.
    • Non-Abusive Admins on servers.
    • It is used for education.
    • Powers Imaginations.
    • About everything else about Minecraft.

    • Bugs.
    • Exploiters.
    • Greifers.
    • Hackers.

    • Good Games.
    • Roleplayers.

    • All The Cons For Minecraft.
    • Abusive Admins.
    • Bad Community.
    • Filtering Numbers.
    • Banning For Idiotic Reasons (e.g. Talking about Minecraft, Uploading a Lenny Face Decal, Saying the Alphabet, etc.).
    • Bad Updates.
    • Online Daters.
    • Noobs.
    • Guests Who Think They Can Do Anything.
    • 'Pr…

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  • BartoszC


    June 6, 2017 by BartoszC

    Hi, I'm new here on The Minecraft Wiki, so I don't know if this is the place to talk about mods. I just want to share a mod idea, if there is a mod for Minecraft Mods, then please tell me.

    So to the mod:

    The mod is named "ChristoCraft" because I have no other short name for it, it was supposed to be the Christianity Mod or Barto's Deluxe Mod, but then I used 'craft' in the name. It is a Vanilla Extension/New Content Mod. So that means it uses Vanilla items to craft new content, it also means that it adds new ores, trees, and food, e.g. Decocraft, M-Ore, Pam's HarvestCraft, and Bibliocraft.

    Mainly the mod adds items relating to Christianity, such as:

    • Holy Wine
    • Holy Bread
    • Altars
    • Pulpits
    • Psalm Books
    • Bibles
    • The Roman Missal
    • Chalices
    • Boriums
    • Crosses

    It also …

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