Hi, I'm new here on The Minecraft Wiki, so I don't know if this is the place to talk about mods. I just want to share a mod idea, if there is a mod for Minecraft Mods, then please tell me.

So to the mod:

The mod is named "ChristoCraft" because I have no other short name for it, it was supposed to be the Christianity Mod or Barto's Deluxe Mod, but then I used 'craft' in the name. It is a Vanilla Extension/New Content Mod. So that means it uses Vanilla items to craft new content, it also means that it adds new ores, trees, and food, e.g. Decocraft, M-Ore, Pam's HarvestCraft, and Bibliocraft.

Mainly the mod adds items relating to Christianity, such as:

  • Holy Wine
  • Holy Bread
  • Altars
  • Pulpits
  • Psalm Books
  • Bibles
  • The Roman Missal
  • Chalices
  • Boriums
  • Crosses

It also adds some things that I would like to use in Minecraft to decorate rooms, use as weapoons, build with, etc., such as:

  • Crypts
  • Coffins
  • Ulan/Lancer Lances
  • Flintlock Pistols and Muskets
  • Rubies
  • Organs (The Instrument)
  • Crowns
  • Guillotines 
  • Gallows
  • Stakes
The Flag of Carpathia

Remember to comment suggestions!

    It also adds new mobs, such as:
  • Priests
  • Altar Servers
  • Monks
  • Nuns
  • Bishops
  • Cardinals
  • The Pope (Which only spawns when you build a cathedral or church, and if he dies it takes a couple minecraft days to get another Pope)

I am not using MCreator, I am using _bedrock_miner_'s turoials. MCreator doesn't work and I asked the developers to fix the problem and they haven't yet. I might use MCreator because eclipse won't work, but both of them don't work.

 If you would like to support this project, please put in your suggestions, I'd be happy to see them!


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