Now then, pixel artists are the people who are are talented to make art from wool and other blocks, I, am one of those people (Not trying to sound cocky saying that). But I only know few others. So this is what I want you to do, send a pic of your best pixel art to see which is best. So pixel artists get practicing!

To Sharple and CanD,

                              I'm sorta hoping you'd help me out in the judging the pixel arts? 'Cos I don't wanna do this on my own, we should keep it fair, we each choose a first second and third place.


Now You're gonna think that this is gonna sound stupid but the prizes are that you're artwork gets appreciated by people!

You can vote on your favourite.

You can vote on the pixel art you find best, but it can't be your own and it doesn't affect what place they'll be placed in. 


Judges can enter too, but the voting for yourself rule is the same.

Good Luck!

This post is finished, and all to do now is wish you luck! Get pixeling! And also, do something totally origional, I don't want to see Nyan Cat and Troll face...

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