This is a short story.

Steve woke up in his usual place, got dressed and brushed his teeth in the bathroom. Then he went to go the mine to get diamonds. When he was done, he went home, but a noise stopped him. "What was that?" he exclaimed. Then the thing peered out of the shadows and revealed itself. "It was me." it was an enderman! "You can speak?!" Steve asked. "Yes. Now give back my diamonds!". Steve didn't realize he looked at the enderman's eyes, but the creepy look on the enderman's face meant that he did. Steve ran and ran until he saw two lights. But they weren't coming from outside, those were herobrine's white glowing eyes. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Steve woke up in the middle of the night, gasping for air. His only son, Steve Jr. heard him yell and got up and checked on Steve. "Dad what happened?" He exclaimed. "Nothing it was a nightmare. Go back to sleep okay?" Steve answered. "Ok. Goodnight dad." "Goodnight."

Steve never found out why Herobrine was in his nightmares. Only his son, Steve Jr. knows about this dream. Steve Jr. lives with his wife in a villager village, keepping villagers safe.

The End...


what Steve saw in his nightmare.

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